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Popular Podcast Endorses "Be My Own Boss"

News Release: On January 22, the Denver-based podcast “Rideshare Rodeo” announced its endorsement for federal “Be My Own Boss” legislation proposed by New Jobs America, a Boston-based non-profit that defends self-employment nationwide.


“Rideshare Rodeo,” hosted by Steve Johnson, is a well-known weekly podcast serving rideshare and food delivery drivers.  It has over 2,500 subscribers and offers an archive of more than 925 videos available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google, and pod-players worldwide. 


“I am fully behind ‘Be My Own Boss’ because it is simple and strong,” Johnson said announcing “Rideshare Rodeo’s” endorsement of New Jobs’ legislation. “We’ve never before seen legislation that treats all self-employers equally.  This bill makes it easy to protect your chosen work and your independent career.  Anybody in the country has the right to go be their own boss.”


Mike Hruby, president of New Jobs America and an experienced self-employer, said, “’Be My Own Boss’ protects the self-employed in all occupations. While individuals can choose to get married, choose to drive, or choose to join the armed forces, new regulations forbid them from choosing their work.  ‘Be My Own Boss’ is the way to protect self-employment.”


Steve Johnson and Mike Hruby most recently discussed the obstacles to self-employment freedom during the podcast on January 22nd.


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“Be My Own Boss” is an easy-to-understand proposal for legislation to assures anyone who elects to work for themselves can do so freely. “Be My Own Boss” authorizes issuing a Self-Employment Identification Number to individuals the same way corporations and trusts request a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).


The bill is available on New Jobs’ America’s website as a downloadable pdf that’s printable, searchable and easy-to-follow. [link] <>


Rideshare Rodeo’s podcast is available at: <>

Rideshare Rodeo’s YouTube channel is at < >

The Rideshare Rodeo petition is available at <>. 


For more information:

Steve Johnson’s email is

Mike Hruby’s email is


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