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New Jobs America advocates for freedom for individuals to choose to be their own boss, in federal and state law.


We and our allies are working to allow self-employment in all forms.


We write and promote legislation allowing individuals to classify themselves as self-employed. 


New Jobs publishes original analyses measuring factors that stimulate rapid job growth, like work experience.


New Jobs was founded in 2011 in Massachusetts to fight the state's notorious "ABC Test" that effectively prohibits self-employment.


Contributions to New Jobs America are not tax deductible though they are deeply appreciated.



Mike Hruby

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Mike Hruby is President of New Jobs America. He advocates for removing federal and state laws harming job growth and self-employment.


Mike’s been an employer of over 50 professionals, an employee for more than 20 bosses, a 1099 worker, and a client of over 70 freelancers.


He founded and owned a consulting firm that conducted over 500 projects finding new markets for technical products made by large- and mid-sized manufacturing firms.  His first job was delivering newspapers at age 7, as an independent contractor.


He’s the son of three generations of professional performing musicians, all self-employed.  He has degrees in operations research and history.

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