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Breaking News: Australia Jabs Unionization into Solo & Small Business

Weird Unionization of Self-Employers' Firms in Australia—A Forecast for the USA?

December 14, 2023: New Jobs America just heard from our ally in Australia about a sneaky new bill down under.

Canberra just passed provisions that force union control into even the smallest of Australia's 900,000 family busiinesses. This is a massive escalation of union powers to enter and control any business in Australia.

Self-Employed Australia quotes business commentator Robert Gottliebsen saying this is:

"...the biggest change in business capitalism for a generation...."

Gottliebsen explains that:

"The legislation provides that for any family business that employs people (starting with only one person), and has in its ranks a union member, the union will have the power to declare that person a delegate [of the union]."

That union member will have the power to:

"...manage a set of union rules that govern the way they [the business person/s] conduct their business."

This is shocking intrusion of collective bargaining, legal ridigity, and socialization into the most dynamic and flexible part of the modern economy.

American unions are likely to copycat this terrible provision into their Blue State Rollout of PROact-style coercion of union membership and control.

We'll pass along breaking news for you as we uncover and interpret it.

The full text of the Self-Employed Australia alert is linked below.


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