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Help Pass This Bill So YOU Can Say, "Be My Own Boss!"

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You've heard about threats to end freelancing, self-employment and franchising.

It's YOUR work--and YOU can stop those threats!

"Be My Own Boss" is an easy-to-understand bill that slightly changes an 85-year old federal law. This bill allows any individual to work as their own boss if they choose.

No hurdles, no tests, no questions, no dues, no fees, no backsies.

Just voluntarily elect working as your own employer. At no cost.

• work as your own boss,

• own a company, or moonlight with a sideline,

• work part-time,

• work several part-time jobs,

• work occasional jobs,

• balance your work and your life!

YOU can choose YOUR schedule. You can choose your clients, customers, patients.

Your Next Step: call or email your federal Senators (you have two) and member of Congress (you have one). Say, "I want to Be My Own Boss!" Send the link to this bill.

Email 3 friends to do the same.

Then watch what happens when 60 million Americans demand their economic freedom.