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Six Protections of "Be My Own Boss"

"Be My Own Boss" solves six crucial problems facing independent Contractors:

-- Offers them the choice in federal law to work for themselves.

-- Provides proof of their choice, to protect their clients from punishment.

-- Respects their decision by harmonizing six major federal laws.

-- Allows "moonlighting" to work self-employed while employed.

-- Limits "ABC-Test " damage in states like CA, MA, NY, NJ, MN by applying to international, interstate, and federal government & grantee contracting while protecting state powers.

-- Ends the misclassification hustle of labor laws that refuse to permit voluntary choice.

This bill will grant self-employer status under federal law to all who apply. You will be your own boss.

Download this infographic tool to share with your network, your Senators, and member of Congress.


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