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10 Days You Will Need the Gig Economy

Stuff Happens. That's When You Want Choices.

The gig economy gets tepid publicity, yet it continues to recruit more of the workforce, 34 percent in 2016 and climbing.

What is the gig economy?

The gig economy consists of project work, conducted by short-term contract, to provide specific deliverables on near-term deadlines. Most commonly, the sellers find buyers online from across the country, sometimes even worldwide. Typically the online site matches contractors (that's you) with assignments (those are the projects you want), handles collection through milestones, and promptly pays the seller, minus a commission.

Gig economy contracting eliminates the three most detested aspects of self-employment in services: finding a willing buyer with a project and a budget, selling personal services to a stranger, and collecting when the job is done.

Getting this drudgery out of the way explains why more than 53 million Americans participate in the gig economy. Why do so many people choose full- or part-time self-employment over a traditional job?

They found a better offer and took it, that’s why.

For some, life changed and brought them to a hard realization.

Here are the 10 most common days that cause people to consider the gig economy:

1. The day you’re an at-home mom or dad, your kids are finally in school, and you decide you want part-time work to transition back int